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Animal Health Concepts BV

About AHC®

AHC® is specialized in the development, production and on-farm application of water-soluble complementary feed. We offer effective solutions for broilers, breeders (GPS & PS), layers, swine, ruminants and turkeys around the world. AHC®’s powerful products enable livestock farmers to maximize their production while minimizing antibiotic needs. Products AHC® offers complementary feed specialties for various challenges in livestock farming. Our phytogenic (plant-derived) products are famous for their unparalleled digestive performance. Moreover, AHC® offers several nutritional products containing minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and the like. Our products are fully water-soluble and can be applied in the drinking water, in the feed, in…

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AHC on Dutch television

AHC on Dutch television April 15, 2018 (English subtitles).