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Laying Hens

The modern layer is a true athlete: laying more eggs with less feed than ever before. However, without the right support, production parameters and eventually bird vitality are compromised.

AHC® has novel strategies to improve eggshell quality, feed conversion and extend a high-productive lay. These strategies include:

Water application:
  • Provision of phytogenic product DigeMax EE®: best-in-class to stabilize during digestive imbalances;
  • Provision of micronutrients (minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and the like): flexible support in times of increased needs or reduced uptake, for example after vaccinations or during increased disease pressure.
Feed application:
  • Provision of phytogenic product DigeMax EE®: providing superb improvement in digestive efficiency – resulting in lower feed intake, better egg quality and more stability in production.

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