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AHC®’s products can be added to the drinking water, liquid or dry feeds, (artificial) milk and/or as an oral drench. As such, there is always a way to improve your production.

Drinking Water
  • Fast, flexible and very effective support; ideal e.g. during diarrhea or after vaccinations;
  • Most of AHC®‘s products can be mixed, to address multiple problems at once;
  • All of AHC®‘s products are perfectly water-soluble.
Dry or Liquid Feeds
  • AHC®’s phytogenic products can also be mixed into farm or feed mill feeds;
  • Alternative to water application, with high taste acceptance;
  • Basic and premium on-farm feed dosing systems available.
Milk or milk replacers
  • AHC®’s phytogenic products for milk-fed ruminant calves, lambs and kids;
  • Unparalleled in stabilizing digestion and improving growth;
  • Enables ad-lib feeding without digestive problems;
  • Enables up to 200 g/L milk powder concentrations for maximum growth.
Oral Drench
  • Liver Support for ruminants and swine;
  • Ready-to-use drench solution containing essential oils, herbal extracts, electrolytes, appetizing additives and energy.


Example: drinking water application


Example: on-farm dry feed application