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Products For Poultry

AHC® is specialized in poultry production. Over the years, we have developed a broad range of complementary feed products. These products can, either alone or in combinations, be used to effectively support your poultry flocks.

For poultry, we offer the following products:

Product Contains Support functions
DigeMax EE Unique essential oils and herbal extracts blend Stabilize digestion
Feed conversion
DigePro Unique essential oils and herbal extracts blend Optimize digestion
Feed conversion
DigeStart FA Water-soluble emulsion based on phytogenics and fatty acid glycerides Stimulate intake
Boost performance during critical phases
 Nutrifoscal Minerals, trace elements and electrolytes Multi-mineral supplement
 Polyvit HL EU High-quality multivitamin blend Multi-vitamin supplement
 C-Plus High-dose vitamin C with osmo-regulating additives Heat stress support
 ORS Energy Optimized electrolyte blend with added energy Electrolyte mix, stimulating water and feed intake
Eucalypsol Eucalyptus, menthol and other phytogenic additives Respiratory &
Heat stress support