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Livestock industries are facing two main challenges:

1) Growing world population = growing demand for animal-based food:

Need for efficiency: how to maximize your production?

2) Increasing concerns about antibiotic overuse:

Need for safety: how to minimize antibiotic needs?

Here’s how AHC® contributes to healthy, productive livestock:

AHC®’s Phytogenic products for optimal digestive efficiency:
  • Powerful plant-derived alternatives to antibiotic growth promotors;
  • Proven effectiveness against both g+ and g- pathogenic bacteria;
  • Simply the best products in market to optimize digestion;
  • Visible results within 24 (monogastric) to 48 (ruminents) hours.
AHC®’s Nutritional products for situational health support:
  • Functional blends of minerals, vitamins, electrolytes and the like;
  • For direct support during increased needs or reduced uptake;
  • Premium quality + farm knowledge that makes the difference.

AHC®’s products can be used in the drinking water, dry and liquid feedings or as an oral drench.

Find out your way to maximize your production and minimize antibiotic needs.